About Us
Patriot Properties, Inc.

With hundreds of client installations across North America, Patriot has been continually growing over our 33+ years of unparalleled service to Local Governments and communities.

Patriot prides itself in our phenomenal support and vast experience in the design, conversion, setup, installation and training for all of your needs from CAMA through Permitting.

Our Products

  • AssessPro - Real Estate
  • Assesspro - Personal Property
  • Assesspro 5.0 - Real estate and Personal Property
  • SketchPro
  • CollectPro
  • PermitPro
  • AssessPro's Enhanced GIS Viewer
  • AssessPro - Tablet
  • Technical Specifications

We are fully committed to meeting your goals and our references can attest to Patriot's track record of being on time and on budget with high marks for ongoing client satisfaction.

Please contact us for more information.